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Reduces fuel consumption.


Protects the engine and its components by eliminating fine particles.


Reduces the emission of greenhouse gases.

A High-Performance System

Our Epura Engine self-cleaning pre-filtration system keeps the engine and its components protected, improving heavy machinery performance while lowering fuel consumption and minimizing greenhouse gas emissions.

Spec sheet

The Epura Engine System


Filtration box

Pre-filtration system that performs cleaning using low-frequency sound.

Smart controller

Detects pressure differential and starts the cleaning process.

3-way valve

Diverts the airflow during cleaning.

Operator interface

Allows the operator to monitor the status of the system at all times.


What are the tangible advantages of the Epura Engine system?

It allows the engine works properly and according to the manufacturer’s recommendations by eliminating the need to change the original air filters, protecting the internal engine components, and possibly even reducing fuel consumption.

What is the lifespan of the original air filters with pre-filtration by Epura systems?

The original filters can last as long as they do not dry out or become physically damaged.

How can I make sure that the Epura systems are working properly?

You can check the effectiveness of Epura systems by looking at the operating data on the cab interface and inspecting the cleanliness of the original air filter receptacle.

What happens if the cleaning cycles recommended by Propulsa Innovations are not followed?

An air restriction indicator will signal an increase in pressure, indicating the need for a full cleaning cycle with the engine off.

What happens if the Epura systems stop working?

In the event of Epura system failure, the air restriction will gradually increase, activating the high-pressure warning on the original filters. If that occurs, contact your distributor and remove the cleaning head until they arrive.

How long does it take after installing Epura systems to see a return on investment?

A return on investment is usually seen within 6 to 12 months.

Does installing Epura systems affect the equipment warranty?

No, they are pre-filtration systems that ensure a clean air supply without altering the integrity of the equipment.

Want to find out how our technology can meet your needs?

Whether it’s to ensure healthy management of the air supplying your equipment or the operators’ cabins, our self-cleaning pre-filtration systems offer durable and effective solutions. Contact us now to discuss your specific needs and benefit from our expertise.

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