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Are Epura systems the only type of filtration used on the equipment?

No, Epura systems act as pre-filters and are installed ahead of the original filtration systems, leaving the existing components unchanged.

Do Epura systems significantly restrict air?

Epura systems feature a PTFE-coated spunbond membrane, ensuring minimal air restriction that is lower than other pre-filters on the market.

Do Epura systems consume a lot of energy?

The systems operate on a 24 V DC power supply and consume around 6 A during the 10-second cleaning cycle. The Epura Cabin system is equipped with a high-pressure fan and requires 15 A continuously.

How effective is the PTFE-coated spunbond membrane filter found in Epura systems?

The membrane filters out at least 99.73% of particles 0.3 microns and larger.

How does the self-cleaning technology in Epura systems work?

The cleaning is done using a very low sound frequency that lasts around 10 seconds.

How often do Epura systems undergo a cleaning cycle?

The cleaning cycle occurs when the engine is started, e.g., at the start of a shift, after a break, or following any other scheduled equipment shutdown.

What maintenance is required once the systems are installed?

Epura systems are maintenance-free, except in the event of damage caused by accidental manipulation, for example.

What happens to the original air filters after the Epura Engine and Epura Cabin systems are installed?

They stay in place and no longer need changing because the air that reaches them is clean and dust free.

What types of equipment can Epura systems be installed on?

Epura systems can be installed on a wide range of diesel-powered equipment, both mobile and stationary, as well as on electrical cabinets, factory control rooms, compressors, and more.

Does installing Epura systems affect the equipment warranty?

No, they are pre-filtration systems that ensure a clean air supply without altering the integrity of the equipment.

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