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Cabine filtrée

Un apport en air sain constant pour l’opérateur.

Module de contrôle

Un contrôle et un ajustement en temps réel de la pression de la cabine.

Technologie autonettoyante

Filtre autonettoyant qui élimine la manipulation des composants de filtration.

A System that Protects

Our self-cleaning technology constantly adjusts cabin air pressure to ensure a healthy work environment and a clean air supply for operators.

Spec sheet

The Epura Cabin System

Schema 2d Epura Cabine et interface

Filtration box

Filtration system that performs low-frequency cleaning.

Smart controller

Detects pressure differential and starts the cleaning process.

High performance fan

Adjustable fan ensures stable cabin pressure.

Operator interface

Allows the operator to monitor the status of the system at all times.

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Our filtration system offers durable and effective solutions for optimizing the air supply to your equipment or operators’ cabins. Contact us to discuss your specific needs and benefit from our expertise.

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