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Since 2016, our expertise and in-depth knowledge in dust management have led us to specialize in the development of solutions and pre-filtration systems for heavy equipment. Our team is dedicated to innovation and the enhancement of our systems to ensure optimal performance and increased durability of your machines, as well as protection for workers.

Our aim is to adapt our technology to suit the specific needs of various industries in order to help our customers improve their operational performance and reduce their operating costs.

Filters Self-cleans Protects

Discover our Epura self-cleaning pre-filtration systems. Their unique design uses infrasound filtration to eliminate the need for frequent replacement of original air filters, thus ensuring a clean air supply. The filtration capacity of Epura systems surpasses that of original filtration systems, even in extremely dusty environments.

Reduce equipment downtime with our innovative solution, featured in two systems: Epura Engine and Epura Cabin.

For optimal engine protection and enhanced performance


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For a healthy work environment


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Want to find out how our technology can meet your needs?

Whether it’s to ensure healthy management of the air supplying your equipment or the operators’ cabins, our self-cleaning pre-filtration systems offer durable and effective solutions. Contact us now to discuss your specific needs and benefit from our expertise.

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